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Electronic Type

    Torque Wrench



• Simple to use digital readout wrench

• Displays real time torque value in any of four torque units, ft.lbs., in.lbs., Nm,

• Simply set the desired torque value and apply force until green LED illuminates.

• Great for light industry, automotive, motorcycle, watercraft and aircraft applications.

Torque & Angle Electronic Torque Wrench


• Incorporates 21st Century Technology in a simple to use digital wrench.

• Designed to meet the needs of the torque professional where torque plus angle is required.

• Features three units of torque, ft.lbs., In.lbs. and Nm as well as the angle mode.

• Constructed with a three LED light bar and audible buzzer showing the technician the proper torque.

Heavy Duty Torque & Angle


600 Heavy-Duty Torque & Angle™ Torque Wrench

• Eliminates the need for angle gauges and protractors

• Provides the most accurate and efficient way to achieve torque plus angle tightening sequences now specified by many manufacturers.

• Digital readout displays a torque setting then with a push of a button, switches to the angle mode.

• Angle readout not affected by ratcheting.

• Angle calculation based on the same gyroscopic technology that maintains helicopters at level flight.