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Torque Screwdriver


Torque Screwdriver Micro-Adjustable


• Adjustable models offer versatility for applications requiring more than one torque value.

• Freat for electronics industry and for instrument assembly work.

• Simple, cam-over design prevents over-tightening and possible damage to components.

• Torque settings are easily changed with a unique adjusting knob

• Positive locking knob makes accidental setting changes impossible.

• Automatic lock in counterclockwise direction makes fastener removal.

• Includes six models with torque settings ranging from 20 in. ozs. to 40 in. lbs.

Torque Limiting T-Handle - Pre-Set


• Torque Limiting Technology to Prevent Over-Tightening

• Magnetic Shank to Interchange Bits as Needed

• Rounded T-Handle Grip for Added Comfort

• Hi-Vis Color for Easy Identification

• Includes Certificate of Calibration

Torky - Single Setting Wrenches


• Right angle pre-set torque wrench.

• Designed for production torque applications that require higher values than a torque screwdriver can deliver.

• Comfortable design eases the strain of repeated uses.

• Torque value may be pre-set at the factory or it may be set by the operator utilizing a torque tester.

• When the proper torque value is reached, a momentary release or “break” can be felt.

• Available in three drive styles

Torque Screwdriver Pre-Set


• Great for high-volume use in assembly operations.

• Simple, cam-over design prevents over-tightening and possible damage to components.

• Can be ordered factory set at no additional charge

• The end cap removes for easy access to the 1/8” hex adjustment screw.

• Hex adjustment key is included with each driver.

• The Pre-Set series includes four models with available torque settings from 6 in. ozs. up to 40 in.lbs.